Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lim YoonA
My princess of all over the world, plz plz plz call me help help......Hello dear my nama is kim YoonA i love to be a princees if  i love to be it.... Mean while that 1 girl is also want kill me name Diaspro she is very idiot girl.....She also want to be princess too...I never give up.i will be a princees more than Diaspro
       Do you want to know my beloved friend????ok if u want i tell you my beloved friend is Kwon Yuri she is also pretty and kind girl....She had be a queen in our school we are best friend without princees...I love Kwon Yuri so much ....Nevermind that is my biodata... :)

Kwon Yuri
       Hmm i think There are beautiful....."Yoona haven't you see Diaspro i want to give her some present" YoonA said 'sorry i don't see her what present you want give her Yuri?' Yuri said 'iwant give her some suprised attack and she always afraid to you because you only a Princees in school right? "YoonA'thanks Yuri you always my beloved friend thenks you so much..."
        One day at the assembeled at school in hall YoonA n Yuri sit beside Diaspro... she always idiot err YoonA said "I want to eat her head when i see her face" Yuri "thas so funny of you hahahahaha" Diaspro "what so funny both of you two aren't you talking about me or anything else" YoonA and Yuri "whatever I dont want to see your idiot face anymore huh."
Tae Yeon
         Yuri have a sister in her family she is the youngest... her sister name Tae Yeon... Taeyeon is beautiful than Diaspro but a bad feeling if Diaspro was enemy with YoonA,Yuri think Diaspro want to kill YoonA but it haven't.... Yuri said ' i promised i will protect YoonA with my energy.....

                       Bab2 Heart of YoonA
Lim YoonA
           YoonA wake up from her her bed and take a shower after that she wait Yuri take her......At school she is so queit Yuri said "why are you so queit??? YoonA do you have anythings else you want to share with me,my friend???" YoonA did not say anythings....Tommorow, all teacher want to give (TIARA) for the girl who want to be a princess....But YoonA did't want...YoonA said "do you have extra time for me?" Yuri.."yes i did and i want ask you something :why are you sad like this, the princess could't be sad because you are beautiful YoonA..... "My boyfriend talk to me in phone he said;she want me to forgot him because he is falling love with Diaspro my anemy..." Yuri said "because of thet you so sad, you can find another boy,many boy like you, ok tommorow all teacher want to give (TIARA) for those girl who want to be Princess "you have to get it too YoonA" YoonA said "thanks Yuri you are my best friend forever n ever"
Diaspro Tiara
YoonA Tiara
             Diaspro and her friend Jiyoon go into a class and said "hey YoonA do you have a Tiara hmm i did not think you have bacause you are not popular hahahaha, if you want see this my Tiara...." Jiyoon said "if you have Tiara show me now i don't belive you soon"         

             YoonA said "thats is my tiara and have most beautiful tiara than both of you" Diapro in small voice "hey Jiyoon YoonA tira is most beautiful than us... we did not talk to her and go sit now ok" Jiyoon said "alright Im agree" Diaspro and Jiyoon go sit on their chair, they did not say anythings that so funny :D

              Yuri and YoonA go back to our home they so happy because they have to be a PRINCESS this year and homecoming princess.....and YoonA fell so happy because her boyfriend come to her and go date in the nice place.......................

                                            Bab2 Christmas Come Soon